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Tips To Keep Your Home Cozy And Family Activities To Do During This Lockdown

Here we go with some tips to prepare you to use that extra time indoors, doing the things we most like to do, decorating, renovating and making your home cozy for you and all members of your family to enjoy together in this strange and uncertain time. Let's start!.

Tip #1 The change of perspectives is one of my favourites; rearranging some furnitures will let you enjoy the spaces better and make your home feel bigger just placing your mirrors, changing some rugs, it will help you to give a new looks to your living or dining room. Do not forget the ergonomic furnitures, if you are planning to buy or already have some furnitures it is important to bring them to that space, now you are using more.

Tip #2 Another way to take advantage of staing at home is making a pamper spa day. After all, we love the time to relax and take care of our body, so using the space in your bathroom and filling your bathtub will bring you that relaxed day you are waiting for.

Tip #3 How many home renovation projects do you have on hold? in this lockdown time, you can bring them to reality. Painting your house is an easy DIY project that will keep you busy enough and your house will look fresh and newly renovated. Here the link to choose which colour matches your whole house enjoy the process!.

Tip #4 Now is the time for entertainment and to set up a playroom, the living room is the best scenario to do that. Most of your time will be shared with your children and your family, we understand during this time you may not feel in the mood to play, but, come on, in this lockdown many fun things would apply for adults too. Board games are a classic but funniest way to bring entertainment for you and your family. Remember experience you had from nights you spent on Saturday nights with your old friends. Check out the best family board games of 2020.

Tip #5 Winter is here and nothing would prepare you better than expending time in front of a beautiful fireplace under a warm blanket with a delicious cup of hot chocolate, reading a book or just relaxing, here we share some beautiful ideas for your next fireplace time.

Tip #6 When was the last time you cooked? this is an excellent excuse to use your traditional or upgraded kitchen, and why not include the help of your family members?. Let's turn on the oven

and cook some deliciousness! a bunch of easy recipes are ready to be used and it's time to be prepared for holiday dishes and learn a lot of tricks and bring it to your table.

This was our tip list of activities to do in lockdown time! We are sure you already tried some, so feel free to tell us which are your favourite indoor activities. Also, please complete our list with your own ideas and ask us for more guidance and suggestions!. If you need some help with your kitchen, bathroom or fireplace upgrade, we would love to help you with your renovation projects click here to request your free estimate today. Stay home, stay safe, and live life to the fullest!.

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