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Home Renovations During Pandemic

Are you considering to do any renovation for your home during this pandemic time?. According to CNBC and Houzz an online home remodeling platform, pandemic home remodeling is booming, its been reported a 58% annual increase in project’s leads for home professionals since last June.

An equally significant aspect of starting to remodel your house is to take advantage of the extra time we have been spending indoors. As we have seen, our rooms and walls are crying for renovation, or your bathroom is dying to be upgraded.

At the same time the idea to stay at home and that your international vacation has been cancelled will give you an extra money to invest in your property, because that is exactly what you are doing when you invest a penny in your home addition, renovation or new build. You should keep in mind the resale value.

GGC want to share with you the follow tips to keep in mind if u are planning to renovate:

Planning, this step is considered one of most important thing, you can plan a budget, but sometimes could be a little tricky, because it can open up some unexpected extra costs. For example sometimes people want to renovate their main floor and are planning to paint change the floors or remove walls and they want to spend a determinate amount but sometimes that only probably will cover the materials but no the labour. That is why we suggest the coordination and planning of a professional company or designer who can guide you in the whole process during your project.

Choosing Finishes, if you are planning specific finishes for your particular project it will make you save time if you are not sure about the design you wanted ,the designer will provide you the best option to work according to your budget, also advises you on savings you can bring to your pocket. Because at the end they know what exactly you need and where to find it for you.

As a result it will allow you to enjoy a new modern and beautiful house. You and your Family will bring to your home that dream pool for summers, or the spacious kitchen that you always

wanted, that finished basement with a lot of new appliances to make your life easier and better, but do not forget the value that your house will gain, these and other benefits you can get if you are considering to renovate at any time specially during pandemic.

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